100 IV Articuno

Caught my second Articuno today and it is PERFECT! Still in a bit of shock. Had not been able to catch the first five I battled.


Congrats my friend! My Articuno is 88% but that is enough for me.


One of our locals caught a perfect one too, congrats on the amazing catch!


Finally caught a lugia and it took a critical catch to get it. Didn’t calculate IVs but it’s in the low to mid 90s

Still trying to get an articuno…I’m 0-2 which sucks, but I was raiding with a guy that was 0-9 before he finally got his so I don’t feel as bad.

I went after work this evening to try and find another opportunity, but no legendary raids to be found. There were a lot of players out so it would have been an easy chance to catch another.

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how can you know the exact iv without being banned?

Www.pokeassistant.com is what I use, it has a bunch of functions other than being a van-proof IV calculator. Just enter in the Pokémon’s info, and it works it out.


What is the best move set on a lugia?

Extrasensory and future sight. Makes Lugia like an Alakazam, but with the bulkiness of a vaporeon. One of the best attackers.