0.93.3 - disappointment or not?

We’ve finished our data mine of 0.93.3 yesterday and it feels like NIA is holding back on new features for a reason. Regardless, are you disappointed by the lack of leaks/news?

I consider this update to be a quality of life update, where bugs are fixed (and some new ones created😁). Not every update needs to be a massive spoiler for what’s to come. However, I would’ve liked to see some new ingame stuff implemented.


Niantic tend to hide their working path instead of showcasing everything they’re recently working on to avoid spoilers. This is not a disappointment to me. In fact, this is causal for a early development on great system. Also, it is not the first time for Niantic to keep things invisible. They did it once for gym rework. Another example is the appealing weather system.

The first sign of quests came like what? 2 weeks ago? Already expecting them now is way to soon. Set your hopes for just before the summer, and youll be happy with the result.
Weve had such a bussy february, its ok if this month is a bit calmer. Not to mention you cant keep pumping new features in a game. At some point its over. Better have the new ones actually be good and finished, instead of rushing in to a new half-ased excuse for a feature.

The bug fixes are good, and still needed. Im ok with this update.

I love the APK mining you guys do. Niantic needs to be careful with finding the balance, that “sweet spot” between releasing enough new content / updates an not enough. The PoGo community is quite flighty / picky & if new content is held back (like just before Christmas 2016/2017) then more players may log out permanently.
Personally I like the current pace at which they are dropping content. I’m grinding my way to 50m XP & 5m stardust while collecting shiny event Pokémon & catching legendaries every week.
Can you really ask for more…?

I am personally excited about the new switch. A new feature possibly?