0.105.0 Forced version on Android - PG+ Annoying thing!

Anyone having problems with the PG+ system after being forced to install the crappy 0.105.0 version?
I have 3 mobiles, different androids, different brand and different OS versions.

1 - The icon on screen telling there is an active connection swaps from active to not active even though it still works. (or not) Have to look in the settings menu under connection to verify active connection.
2 - Tracking icon on selected Pokemon disappears.
3 - Pokemon still on screen after PG+ has tried to catch. (Look into Pokemon list and see that the monster has been collected by PG+, or in Journal that it ran away). Still the Pokemon appears on screen. Manually take it and throw a ball and the perfect error message appears: ‚ÄúFailed to install module (24)‚ÄĚ

If others have these issues please send Niantic a bug report. They told me that there is no problem with the 0.105.0 version regarding PG+

My Gotcha works fine, Galaxy S6 here

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My PoGo+ works fine. Huawei 9L here

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My PG+ works ok in the new update, it seems to be a problem on your end then

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I have previously witnessed some of those problems not since though

I had a Go-tcha but managed to lose it last Tuesday. No problems with connections, etc.

I ordered a new Go-tcha and it arrived yesterday. It connected this morning, but I have exactly the problems you list with this new one. I have version 0.105.0 and Google Play shows it was updated May 24th. So I have had the updated version for over a week, but only had problems with my new Go-tcha that was linked for the first time this morning.

Maybe this means it’s not Pokémon Go, but the Go-tcha (or PoGo+)?

I have another effect… none of the walls of my room has conection to outside the building. Until the actualization to 0.105.0 the GPS was working fine in this room, now it’s nearly imposible to get the signal in this room and walking in the streets it fails as well from time to time.

No need to make a name from a topic with bad words.I updated the name bc it isnt a friendly word.

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