Will Ho Oh return again


Remember when Lugia glitched and came back. will Ho Oh also? I missed Ho Oh and got no shiny. hint hint Niantic*


the lugia glitch lasted around 6 hours, Half the world was asleep then. Even if they do it again, chance you’ll be able to abuse it is slim.

Also, i think Groudon and Rauquaza are overdue for shiny. Shiny beasts only after they are done in breakthrough.

I hope you’ll get another chance at a shiny Ho-Oh, but chances are low for the coming months.


I dont even have any shiny legendary
And also no ho-oh


Lugia was back again for the Go Fest weekend, so why not Ho-Oh for Yokosuka Safari Zone? It’s not that farfetch’d (pun intended)…


Currently hyped for shiny Ray and Rai


Wouldnt mind if it just a glitch…


I did a ho-oh raid but left if because I thought we would lose… and I watched them win…:sob: