Why cant i use the forum in this way?


Has someone got any idea why i cant log in this way?
I try to use this way of using the forum. But on the same sysyem, but using the browser (safari) i can log in.

As far as i know i havent got any other gohub account, and i havent ever got suspended, or anything like that

Perhaps this is a bug in this website that needs to be solved


This happened to me a while back I thought I was banned p.m @Thorend about it that’s what I did


Happened to me before, I forget what I did though…


I’m currently having the same problem. It works well on my home PC and my phone but I can’t login any more from work (where I posted the most :roll_eyes:).
I have tried the standard stuff like deleting cache, cookies etc., tried a different browser,… So I can’t give you any advice…
But if iyour IP changes daily (like mine at home) it might just work again tomorrow or later this week.

Just wanted to share… you’re not alone :wink:


Tried on both wifi and cellular data. That should change my IP. But cant log in om both


Discourse need to fix this issue


I had this issue yesterday. I gave it a little time and was able to log later. In full disclosure I was on phone so it is possible I was on wireless not my network when I got logged back in on my device.

I have been researching discourse but don’t have an answer yet.


It is an error in the code that checks IP’s. Somehow the system tells that the IP that is used is blocked. Even if it is not.

There should be an override in it, even if an IP or IP range is blocked, a user that is not banned should be able to login.


I have this issue when logging from a different browser on my phone.


It’s the reason @JoshHack can’t be on here