Who wants the old raid bosses to return? (for example: Venusaur, Blastoise, Charizard)


We have already done it in 4, and two of our friends did him in two in Cloudy weather


I want raikou to return. Haven’t caught any


I want Suicune back


I wouldn’t call Suicune a Legendary in this game, it’s stats are worst than Vaporeon


@Minismurfen3 Yeah, but I missed it, so I want to return😅


Oh okay. :joy:


I honestly want the old raids back, including non-legendaries. Even if just to bring back that Summer nostalgia. I started just last summer, so it was good to me. I mean, there were some pretty rare monsters in those raids (Muk, Wheezing (I guess???), Magmar, Electabuzz (not as rare as Magmar (I think)), the gen 2 evolutions of starters (I still have none of the final evolutions), the Gen 1 starter final evolutions (I just really want them), Arcanine (Growlithe are relatively uncommon here), Exeggutor (though I guess they brought that back), SNORLAX, Lapras, and Rhydon. And the Eeveelutions were always useful if I wanted 5 Eevee candy, and Eevee maybe hadn’t been spawning as much recently. And the variety of raid bosses there were for 5 star raids was stunning. I miss that variety, though they brought it back for a short time with the creation trio or whatever it’s called. But just bring back ALL the legendary raids. I think there should be a break, where 5 star raids are things like psudo-legendaries instead for a [short] amount of time (yes, I still don’t have a dragonite. Also, it would be so fun to see people try taking down a Blissey raid, with the massive HP that would have. And Salamence, Metagross, Miltank :wink: (just imagine the rage trainers would have over there being a MILTANK raid; they there’s enough hatred for him already), and others (yeah, I know ttar is a tier 4 raid, and I’m suggesting these be tier 5; I’m just listing things I hope they do). Then, maybe after a time where people have vented all their anger to niantic for this terrible decision, they WHAM! bring back ALL legendary raids. Of course, this is once they finish the legendaries for gen 3. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I think a lot of your ideas are great, but one thing I want to clarify is that blissey would actually be one of the easiest raids while Shuckle would be one of the most difficult. This is due to the way raid bosses are calculated, where hp doesnt matter but defense is extremely important (think Cloyster which has amazing defense but bad hp)


Keep in mind that Blissey raids would be among the easiest due to her defense

Otherwise, I really like your suggestion


Would be fun is Niantic put EVERY Legendary we have had in raids at the same time


I forgot to consider that. Well, if they made the Cp high enough that HP would be a serious issue, then maybe… :stuck_out_tongue: oof


Need all the old Legendaries back since Groudon was the first I ever attempted. Neither one of my kids have Charizard or Blastoise, so need them too.


But Charizard is raidable


You told me that last time I posted. But every time I’m available for level 4 raid it’s Aggron or something we don’t need.