Who do you drop in gyms


Either biggest or shiny or something small like togepi


I’ve left Furrets all over the city for the past 2 days. Next will be Hoot Hoots and Noctowls.


I throw in Pokémon that are mostly weak


You should do a Dex# drop. Start with Bulbasaur then Ivysaur, Venusaur etc…


Unless you’re the one who won the gym or is thematic, what you do is stupid.


Genius!!! :clap::clap::clap:


I do it to save revives ( and high CP Pokémon probably are in gyms shorter because of the motivation decay )


I use whatever I need candies for. Right now, that means bagon and beldum. I then use berries on them and hope for candies


Right now if I’m reinforcing a pre-existing gym, I put in tanks designed to hold gyms. If I’m taking over a highly contested gym, I just put in poo-poo monsters that I can transfer because I know it will just be taken back in a few hours. Then I can take it right back.


“Dem coins”- I put a girl out on the corner I expect some change, it’s just the nature of the game. Gotta mix it up just in case you get a little extra side candy tossing out berries. Currently Ninetales is doing her number. I just like that big tail flaring out and well, going easy on her don’t expect a full shift. Gotta catch them all, gotta try a little showboating here or there…YOPO


i see you​:eyes::eyes:



Shiny ampharos.:grinning:


I have my shiny Wobbuffet in a gym atm lol.


5 star. Dragonites Tyranitars
3 star Blissy


I dont even have strong Tyranitar.
And i have a rule: NEVER EVER drop something 3000+ cus i only have 2 3000 plus


I don’t even have Ttar




Had raid luck in kijkduin


It was my only tier 4 raid. And it ran.

But thanks to WGG I now have enough candies😅