White bar of death


At various times in my gaming I’ll get a white bar running across the bottom of my screen. My avatar, middle button and local pokemon box are covered and the only way I can clear it is a restart. This affects 3 accounts in my area that I know of. It happens on my phone but never on my tablet. Any clues?


No, i have not. It has occuperend once to me in a trainer battle


That has happened to my brother


BTW,only started happening since last update


Since last update, I occasionally get this white bar, too. The game remains responsive in my case, though. At least for some time. The white bar annoys me enough that I restart the game voluntarily, so I never really tried playing too long with it visible…


My brothers screen will glitch if he goes to the friends


I have the same problem frequently. For me it happens when I access my egg-list from the avatar display and then close it. I’ve managed to be able to make it go away (without restart), since it doesn’t completely cover up my avatar icon. By pressing on it repeatedly I usually manage to access my avatar page it and after that I immediately close it and the bar is gone.


I have the same problem since the last update, and I still have it.

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