Which future update do you like for Pokémon Go?

Pokestop submission, it’s been long enough!


If a gym is sponsored or in a park it is eligible…

Megas, primals,more Pokemon, exclusive TMs…

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When playing the game, randomly a member of Team Rockets will challenge you into a 6v6 (or any number is fine) battle, their mons will be adjusted to your trainer’s and/or mons’ levels. By defeating them, you get XP, stardust, healing items, and more rarely TM (FTM or CTM) and Rare Candy.

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Sounds great! Welcome to the HUB, @Mew1 !

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@Pokemon thank you, nice to meet you guys here in the Hub :grinning:

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Hi, im a once shooting star on the hub, now im more like helping ppl and answering questions

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Yes I think they will release mega evolution with gen 6


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For me personally, I want better sorting options for all your Pokémon you currently own. Of course you can sort the list by different categories, but I want to be able to make my own. Like one for maybe Legendary Pokémon or for Costume Pikachu. Just 2 example.

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