Which electric type attackers


With several water and flying type raids coming up I am looking to assemble an army of Riakou and/or Zapdos. Which of these legendaries do you prefer and why?


I don’t have any Legendaries but I have a nice army of Jolteons that can take down any water or flying types.


Raikou cuz it get a much better moveset


Have to say, I’m thoroughly attached to my Thundershock, Thunder Jolteon for the moment. Plus he’s quicker to dodge & I’m used to the timing.
Shall have to assemble a squad of other electrics & test them out.


I’m leaning toward Raikou over Zapdos.
I never bothered powering up my Jolteons. Too disappointed they were like Paper when compared against Jolteon in taking a hit. I’ve got 2 100% IV Jolteons with missive low CP taunting me.


Decision made easy this afternoon after catching this.


I came to the conclusion that both Zapdos and Riakou are fairly even. I will be leveling some of each. They are basically unmatched for the next 3 generations, so why not.


By the way congrats on the excellent catch!