Where's My Money!?


Been noticing lately that when pokemon return from gyms, my coins don’t go up.

Yesterday I had 761 coins, today 2 pokemon returned both after hitting their 50 coin limit and when I checked, I am still at 761 coins.

I’m not sure if it’s 50 coins limit a day total? or 50 per pokemon? in either case, I got nothing.

Been noticing this for weeks now.


It’s 50 a day max


@Cup is right 50 coins is the max I feel your pain


Takes me 3 days to buy an incubator or 4 days if I need more storage space.


Well 50 a day is fine, but… 761+50 is well, more than 761. It’s still not always being added up.


Check the return time. Might have been before 00:00.


If you got a pokemon back at 0:00:01 you got the 50 coins.
Everyone else that returns until 23:59:59 of that day, won´t give you any coin.


There is a nice place in Hell for the player that knocks people out of gyms right before midnight.






That’s like one of the dirtiest things to do to someone in this game.


@bobbyjack8 is absolutely right, I still see 2 instinct players kick trainers out of gym between 1155pm and 12am, they almost don’t put their Pokémon at that gym during daytime. I guess that is their only good timing to get their fair share of coins until others kick their Pokémon out the next morning.


Got 22 minutes to midnight and I’m curious to see if any of mine get kicked out. After midnight, I won’t care. I’ll get my 50 coins for the day.


Been keeping a log (post-it note) and I guess that’s the issue.

I assumed when I logged in in the morning, when it pops up saying a pokemon cam back and 50 coins, I got the coins. Not… pokemon returned, 50 coin limit reached no go check what time it happened to see if you get anything. :smiley:

Well, hopefully I build up some more between now and the weekend, since likely be some package deals available. If the catching is good this community weekend, I may spend real money on the game for once.