Where to find ditto I am exhausted finding it


Can anyone say where can I find ditto
I am stuck in 5th tier In special research


Have luck
Make a Whatsapp group(or discord or telegram)
Catch every pokemon that can be a ditto


The same happens to me… some have luck, and others have to wait, it’s so annoying


Catch all the Yanma, Taillow, Pidgey, Rattata, Spearow, Gulpin, Hoothoot, Whismur and Gastly you see te get a Ditto.


I tried catching plenty of them


I was like you then suddenly got 3 in 2 days. The Pokémon was always in its own rather than in a group - that could’ve been pure coincidence but it was a lone pidgey, rattata and a whismur that I got mine from. Good luck, it’s frustrating but one will pop up eventually.


Imagine, before the Quest has started, I had 32 Dittos seen and 19 catched… hihi, and now when I need it, there’s none


I caught mine in a parking lot, they lurk in the shadows


Check large spawn points. I have a parking lot near me that spawns 10-15 mons at a time .

I was lucky, I think I found a ditto in less than 24 hrs…


Well I cant find mine… @VARUN good luck


I burned through almost all my Pokeballs just catching everything one Saturday afternoon and eventually caught one. Got one for my kids 2 days later.


That is great… I am a level 31 player and I have caught about 40 pidgeys looking for one… I am casual and well a ok player with a 100 IV Rhydon and Ferigligator


I have family member accounts still stuck on that one for 2 weeks now.
I keep finding Go Plused randoms on my account when I clean it up at the end of the day but I already have my Mew.
A lot of them are being caught in Large Carparks and Shopping Centers by our Local Discord members.


My Ditto was disguised as a Sentret and my kids’ was a Pidgey.


Use Silph Road Global Nest Atlas, and search for a nest of Ditto eligible pokemon near you. Its just RNG, there’s no “catch” to it besides luck.
I found one when I was in stage 4, and during stage 5, it took be about 4 days. My town had a nest of Whismur, and one of them happened to be a Ditto.

Good luck!


I have it!!! A Pidgey in between 5 other mon’s… poor PC and reject my first throw… so the second I made was with Berry and a better Ball, and yes, he stayed
Allways I have had the feeling that their flee-rate is higher


Well done!!



Dittos always bust out of balls more than regular monsters.


I just got mine from a discord group, that’s your best bet.