Where do you live?


Philippines - South East Asia


LA, California, USA


@happy9z and @Nemisis3003 how are you doing :joy:




Also if you live in Russia choose which continent you’re on (not sure if anyone here is from Russia)


Russian but live in Australia lmfao


Put a question with the poll it will be deleted.


I still find it incredible that most of the players on here or not from the US


If you want to see example of trolling without being offensive, scroll up and see my comments last night before the close this.


I get it now is being a smart*** but in a slick way I’ll give you that it was funny


Yes, it is still possible to troll without being a total jerk.


Interesting I don’t think I would do this on here I will stick to doing it on YouTube I don’t have to use little * on there I still cannot believe I’ve been doing this whole time everywhere else but you are right a majority of my friends from the go hub are in Asia


I was trying to have fun with it, but still make valid points. The trolling isn’t cool if it doesn’t make sense.


I just think it’s funny some of the things people fall for and just read and don’t think


All you have to do is just bait them slightly, and a lot of people will make themselves look funny all on their own. I try not to do that here, because we have a lot of young people on this site, but last night, I couldn’t resist.


Funny very funny I could not do that on here I don’t know how to do it without saying things you cannot say on here oh and I’ve noticed none of the friends on my list are from South America find that kind of odd


I have a few from Brazil. When I saw the original poll at beginning of thread, I was like, “Most of Earth is missing. Let’s have some fun.”


There is very few people on this site and make it fun and a good time killer you’re the one of them my favorite one was a little dude that was always accusing everybody of cheating he could stir some things up and do you have any friends on your list from Africa


Yes, actually. I think I have like 2 from Africa.


Wow damn