What's the most Mons you have had in a gym at the same time


The new update to gyms made defending gyms more of a focus in order to be awarded with in game rewards in the form of coins, team bonuses, gym badges, and raid bosses. Niantic absolutely had to do this, I applaud them for doing so. Dead level 10 gyms absolueltly had to go, but this was achieved by making in game rewards (coins) more scarce. Before the gym rework, I would be able to leave my best mons at gyms in order to try and earn me coins when it was time for me to collect for the 20hr time period. Now I have to run through enemy territory in order to place a Pokemon in a Gym that I’m hoping will get kicked out and help me towards earning 50 coins for the day. Because of this I try to hold the ten gyms I’ve always been trying to control near where I live but now I have to create a turf war in order to get my coin bonus while I work towards earning a gold badge for the gyms near me ( I don’t want these mons to be knocked out and thus they can’t be relied on to win me coins). I hate to say it but I gave all the Pokemon that I should have just transferred the nickname “poop” and placed them in gyms behind enemy territory in order to get coins. All in all, competition has gone up for gyms but the class of Pokemon being placed in gyms has gone so far down that I’m placing horrible gym defenders in gyms after I beat them in order to guarantee 50 coins a day.