What will the next community day pokémon be? UPDATE: It's bulbasaur. Yay :-/


Why tho, Charmander isnt even the first of the starters


Cause black charizard. Thats why.


They’ll cycle through the starters now. At least we’ll get some new shinies.


I would have preferred they went with the 3 type starters from each Gen together e.g, Bullbasaur, Chikorita, Treeko or all 3 starters by Gen.
If we are going to have an event for each starter I’m not sure they will be any where near as successful as the last 2.


Doubt Chiko, Cynda and Toto will get event days, maybe they will get grouped together

But Im calling it, if all three Kanto starters get CDs, their exclusive moves will be the Ultimate Moves


Nooooo LOL


I hope not. That’s be incredibly boring.


They can’t compete with dratini.


I said mareep and machop LOL. Machop is always in high demand and although mareep hatches from eggs they are super rare in the wild. You never see them so I think it’s be nice.


I don’t know anyone personally that’s jumping for joy with the next coming event.
While I do need and want Bullbasaur Candy to power up some up I’m not doing cart wheels about the event.


Me neither, I hope to get a decent shiny and some candy to power it up.
No way I will be hoarding balls and berries as for the dratinis.


I don’t either. Where we are it’s always clear and bulbasaur is on more street corners than Friday night hookers.


LOL right. I’ll just shiny/CP check them and move on.


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