What new Pokemon from the new group have you obtained?


So far I’m doing pretty good with Gen 3. I have collected enough candies for several other evolutions, I’m just waiting for a good IV catch or hatch. Got super lucky on a perfect numel at the hardware store and a 100% Aron that one of the local discord members caught and posted to our group.


Got Nosepass for the first time today.


Out of just them i dont have exploud azurill lairon aggron or mawile… lol


U have no mawile? I just soloed it


Update: Hatched a Trapinch from a 10k egg and had enough candy to evolve it into a Vibrava, Got Lairon from evolving Aron, Numels, Nosepasses, and Anoriths have been appearing on my radar but no luck getting one yet. However, I’m only 3 candy away from having an Exploud so I’m pretty pumped for that.


I actually only got my mawile today, on my way home from berlin. The first one i had seen in an accessible location.