What level raids do you do?


I’d let him get one asap. They might be gone by the time he gets to L20.
It would still be the strongest Pokemon he would have and be good for Gym battles or other Raids.


I’ll do the ones people ask me about.


Groudon will be level 20 even if the player is <20


I was thinking that might be the case but don’t know anyone personally that’s done Raids to know if that was correct or not?

As long a new starter is in a Raid Group large enough for the others to do most of the battle work an win they could build a reasonable battle squad rather quickly now rather than having to grind up the levels to collect good Pokemon pre Raid days.


My son did his first Legendary Raid yesterday but failed to catch Groudon. He just hit Level 15 today after only 4 days. We will try again tomorrow.


I did a ivysaur raid on level 11 account and it was level 20.


Did you catch it?
I refuse to do another Ivysaur Raid after having my first and only one break out of 12 Great or Excellent Curve Balls and run away. I saw an IV chart later that day to learn it was a 100% one. The odds of getting lucky with another 100% one is slim and with the reward item returns being rubbish there is no incentive to keep doing them sadly.


Level 1 or 2 because I can’t find any other players in my area. Even when I go to more populated area’s I never get lucky enough to find a raid group.


My son did his second Legendary Raid yesterday and again failed to catch Groudon. I got my 3rd. I guess we try again if we can get one coordinated after school next week. At least we have until the 14th to try and get him.


I do every. I’ve done level 1’s, 2’s, 3’s, 4’s, and 5’s.


Golden Razz + Excellent / curveball may help (may need to teach him how to curve if he doesn’t already know), and as he builds up his ground type medal, it may also assist.
That or just spam the raids for him :grin:


Much better shot:

30 sec to spare.


Hopefully with my smaller group of 3 we could beat it weather boosted…


But i never bet on that :innocent:
We always have one-two players in-touch.


1-star and 2-star raids. I can forget fighting against 3-and-up star raids


Once you level up & spend star dust on some of the key Pokémon’s then you’ll start hitting higher level raids!


Have only found few locations of 5 star raids with anyone to fight. Have done one 4 star, 4 5 stars, 12 3 stars, and 20 1 and 2 stars each I think


Solo all *, ** (cloyster first time last Friday), *** porygon, scyter, machamp, omastar. I’ve got problem with alakazam,what is your opinion is it true that gengar is about 20% more effective with his attacks than tyran? I always used 3 up 30lvl tyrans and 3 different poks without success. What is your suggestions about teams to beat alakazam?


I reccomend strong tyranitars with dark movesets


If only powering up Pokemon could get you to solo level 5 raids… like it is in the main games - you don’t need 9 people to beat a legendary in the main games, a squad of 6 decently strong Pokemon will suffice. Either way I still hope for a quest system for mythical, because the gen 1 to 3 mythical are some of my favourite pokemon