What level raids do you do?


Hope that’s true, I haven’t seen one in 2 days so maybe they’re not as frequent as before.
I never had to drive far to find one before.


They still here.
Like a gengar, btw.
I fight two machamp ant seen four alakazam after update.


Hunting for a 90 % + Raikou atm so mostly lvl 5 atm. Tyranitar on lvl 4s. But thete are like 5 per month here. Other then that its mostly lvl 3 Machamp, Alakazam and Omastar.


Just finished solo-ing 3 Tier 3 raids and feeling pretty good–1 Machamp and 2 Scythers. I am at level 37. I can easily solo Machamp as 4 of the 6 Pokemon the game selects are maxed out. Today was my first time tackling a Scyther. Man, I couldn’t believe how easy it was. The 2 Scythers had different movesets. I can’t remember the movest of the first but the second one spammed the heck out of Aerial Ace! I was able to beat the first Scyther with 3 of my 6. The second took all 6 because of the spam. Thanks to the event I earned 8000 XP per. I try to solo Porygon2 and Omaster but always run out of time. Will stick with Machamp and Scyther. I can take Gengar but can’t always beat him. Still no dodging.


Porygon really easy(and for dodges as well, – he have clear charge animation):

But my friend do him without any dodges and it cost some four and half machamp


Ah, there’s my problem. With the Pokemon the game picks, there’s only 3 I spent any time powering up. I never had a good Machamp but have a few now that I can beat him as a raid boss. The moveset for all of them are Counter/Close Combat. I’ve been awarded Charged TM/Fast TM but they are mostly a joke. I have a high level Golem with Rock Throw/Rock Blast. I used a Charged TM (hoping for Stone Edge) and got Earthquake. Finally got another Charged TM so used it again. Got Rock Blast … AGAIN! I noticed you use berries. It’s been ages since I’ve use any of that stuff to capture a Pokemon. If my throws ain’t enough to capture the Pokemon, I don’t need him. Even beating a raid boss doesn’t guarantee a Pokemon with good IVs or the right moveset. I use my berries to get startdusts. Fortunately I’ve never had one run away.


Dragga, thanks for the tip. Finally got a Machamp with Counter/Dynamic Punch. Yesterday I went after my first Porygon. Even with Machamp at just over 2500 CP (ran out of candy), the game did not pick him. I replaced Alakazam with him. Man, what a difference Machamp made. He was my first Pokemon in the battle and by the time Machamp was defeated, Porygon’s health was almost in the yellow. Today I did another Porygon. I had Machamp up first. I remembered another site saying a Dragonite with DT/Outrage was also good. I have a Dragonite with just over 3100 CP with that moveset so I put him in the 2nd slot. I screwed up my dodging with Machamp so he didn’t do much damage but, man, between those 2 Pokemons, I was able to get Porygon’s health in the red. My Tyranitar (over 3500 CP with Bite/Stone Edge) finished him off. I’ve started dodging too but only with my first and, maybe, second Pokemon. If I try to do it with each Pokemon, I run out of time. Thanks again for the Machamp tip. Have you tried using a Dragonite?


Yep, but my ~3500 cp, it take much more time, but look like possible defeat 1v1;
Btw, — dragon breath very comfortable to dodge, but hard catch “rhytm”.
Because that hooh’s i not have passes to more experements :rofl:

Btw, — now it look like worst attempt, — we do him 4, and 5 with solar beam (mostly, dragonites 4, and raikou)


Yep, it is possible:


Wow Dragga! Took down a Tier 3 Raid Boss with only 1 Pokemon?! Insane. Unfortunately I’ve got a Dragonair and 67 Dratini candies so not looking to upgrade any Dragonites until I evolve that 97.8 IV Dragonair. Currently beefing up another Machamp with Counter/Dynamic Punch and 2 Exeggutors with Bullet Seed/Solar Beam (itching to take down an Omastar). Until I get those Exeggutors powered up, I’ll stick with solo-ing Machamp, Scyther, and Porygon Tier 3 raids. I may try to take down a Scyther with just one of my Golems. Great job with that!


It not my video :rofl:
Im only “feel” that possible


I did a Porygon with only 2 Machamps but then again I don’t power my mons up much (I like to save stardust :smiley:). It is fun to solo Raid Bosses though!


beales.com, congrats. Yeah man, definitely fun to solo raids especially these Tier 3. Unfortunately I’m not liking the new raid battle. It took me 4 tries to take down Machamp. The lag in the battles are ridiculous. Battled a Machamp yesterday. My 2nd Espeon appeared, I got one hit and the game froze. When it returned, my Espeon faded and my next pokemon appeared. This morning I battled a Machamp. The game froze at the GO message. The wheel was spinning in the upper left hand corner. Got kicked out (back to the map overview). When I selected the gym, it had “rejoin”. I had a little over 100 seconds left (obviously I didn’t win but won the second attempt). I ain’t completely mad–i.e. I snagged a Hariyama with CP 2322 and Counter/Dynamic Punch moveset! IVs aren’t so good but who cares?! Looking for another Porygon to try him out.


Level 1-3 raids depends on which one I am on during my trip.
In addition, the medal of “champion” interests me more than that of “legendary incursions” because for me it has more value in doing it without the help of anyone. I will probably join some legendary incursion when they release pokemon that interest me (Latios, Latias and Rayquaza)
P/D: I’m a dragon tamer


Haven’t yet evolved a hariyama but plan to once I get a good Makuhita.


Beware, – boosted Machamp with dynamic punch – it really challenging :smiling_imp:
Do him in hope to high iv and cp…
In fact – hard challenge with worst machamp ever…


For those, who always crying about find raid team :sunglasses:
With that “weather boost” we sure can do even legendary by three, – just can’t catch rainy weather.


And, btw, – only on video find that …up with bullet punch/heavy slam, and our champs far away from 100iv and 40lvl…
actually, they mostly not even 35, which can be catched on streets


And about trio on legendary:

Btw, only one 40lvl :wink:


My son got his first cell phone for Christmas this year. In 2 days, I’ve helped him get to Level 11. He really wants a Groudon though. He is really jealous that his sister and I both got Groudon on Christmas Eve. I told him he needs to wait until he is Level 20 to do raids. Does he have enough time, or should I just let him get a level 11 Groudon?