What do you do with all your shinies?


That’s when you have to put the carrot in front of the horse


No, he just needs to get beat with the stick.


Lol just make him walk your dogs. I make my lil brother-in-law walk my cat sometimes funny as hell to see


I need to walk the dogs so I don’t keep getting so fat.


Fat is in now bro


All bout that dad bod lol


Lol good 1


I keep them all!


Its cool if you have the storage space


I’m at the stage where I’m considering trashing a few.


I have plenty of space, so I keep them all. I’ve traded one (a Wingull - I had 4) so far.


I give them to team rocket

Team Rocket Day

I have plenty of space but I trash most of them. I don’t like most shinies. If trading taxes were cheaper I’d trade but honestly, trash mainly. Or if they are lucky and are useful for PvP then I’ll keep it.


I’ve never trashed a shiny. Even if I didn’t need it, someone would want it for trade.


I have trashed a total of 2 CD shinies


Yeah, I trade my unwanted Shinies to my son.


I’ve kept them all until now. I might let the professor make smoothies from some in the future, not sure yet.


Shiny are like popping candy in smoothies.


I keep them but I need to upgrade storage space


For any kind that I get more than one I try to evolve one to each evolution level. From each CD I keep the best 2 or 3 (‘best’ being highest IV or single-digit IV). The rest go the professor to free valuable storage slots and get a candy.

Whether the professor makes smoothies with them, performs scientific research with them, donates them to a zoo, or brings them to a protected wild-pokemon refuge is his business, not mine… :roll_eyes: