Wayfarer and PokéStop Nominations available worldwide for L40 Trainers | Pokemon


Just make an Ingress account and then you can check the map there.


I was hoping that someone who already has an Ingress account could look it up for me.


Romanians keep rejecting my pokestop submissions because I’m of Hungarian minority, in a 95% hungarian city and I wrote some of my submissions in my own language, even though, it was a hotel submission, and it was 100% clear for anyone what the suggestion was. They flagged it under total bs criterias.

How am I supposed to submit future stops with these chauvinist romanians flagging them as ineligible? Smh…


These are lower quality snippets, but in my original submission you could clearly read on the doors ‘‘Hunguest hotel Fenyo’’ which is the name of the hotel, and these chauvinists marked it as generic business, private residence and other crap. IMO there should be an ‘‘abuse report’’ in the Wayfarer system for these cases…


Maybe this will explain why they didn’t accept your nomination. In the guidelines for reviewing Wayspots it says that hotels/inns should be rejected unless they are historical, have an interesting story or are a unique local business.


It IS unique, the only hotel in Romania as far as I know with this name, the biggest and oldest hotel in my city. And I’ve seen hundreds of hotels as pokestops all across Europe. Thanks for your reply though!


Could look at it tomorrow if you give the location. Though it might be worth your time to just get that Ingress account.

@GhettoKapitany Hotels arent quallity POI like @Branebs said.
The rules on POI’s have changed over time. Things that got accepted a year ago might not get accepted now.


Did you write that in the section Supplemental information? You can write a comment to persuade people to accept your nomination, to tell them why it meets the criteria.


My first Poke stop is now live in Pokemon GO! :star_struck: :trophy: :tada:


Another POI location got accepted today. It is already in Ingress and will probably be a PokéStop tomorrow, since there is legit NO Stop or Gym around it yet. The closest must be 800m away from the location.

Also, I seem not to be the only one here who wants more PokéStops in the part of the city where I live. I saw another Ingress Portal I didn’t know its existence of since today. I doubt it’ll become a PokéStop though.


“You can learn more about Niantic Wayfarer and what makes a quality review by visiting wayfarer.nianticlabs.com.”

Tried to visit that page and got the generic 404 (page not found) error.

Anybody got a corrected link for that doc?

Went to the app store, looked up “Niantic Wayfarer”, and it returned Ingress Prime, Pokémon Go, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite… there is no app for Wayfarer listed.

Did Wayfarer get yanked? Or is it just a function of Ingress Prime?


I’m reviewing wayspots as we speak, currently sitting on 471 reviewed, so it works. But it has connection issues sometimes. https://wayfarer.nianticlabs.com/


Out of 14 nominations that I sent in 10 got rejected already. Romanians don’t want us, Hungarians to have pokestops. They are chauvinist nationalists that hate the minorities. Sad but true.


Wrong. The PokéStop close to another just arrived in Pokémon GO. :star_struck:

The best thing is that it wasn’t even me who submitted it, so apparently there are more people who want PokéStops in this part of the city, which means it will cost me a lot less work to submit everything here.


Yeah, I still can’t participate with my level 39, but a neighbour has worked for both of us.
Now we have three new stops in about 100 meters in our street, one of them I reach sitting in my room, the other two are above the room of the other player.


My first new Gym! :star_struck: :smiley: :trophy:


Gotta love the originality of the name of my new local gym…


People who nominate and approve those should lose their privilege. I despise that type of generic submission.


I have yet to nominate anything. I’m just letting my neighbors do it.


Those are so very annoying. Especially when you want to organize a raid. You get people divided all over the city at 5 different playgrounds.
At 1 point i just stopped accepting these for our raid tool untill an edit was done to add a streetname.
Now we have 14 gyms with the name playground [streetname] in it.