Unlimited raid pass


No, I have a phone with no cellular service.
I use a hotspot connection


And Im not against being able to buy coins with real money, but this way, you have two ways to get it: pay or play
I like the concept a lot, I just disagree with paying real money for the pass


I mean I see where you’re coming from but buying a day pass is essentially the same as buying a premium pass, albeit more expensive, either way players would still have the ability to save up for it by playing or just outright buying it like the premium pass.


so you can only play with other people?


the day pass is good but the year pass sucks


Its not the same since you cant purchase day pass with coins


It’s not the same only if they make it so that the only way to get a day pass is by directly spending real life money and bypassing using pokecoins to obtain it.


Yes, thats what I am against and what was said in the original post…


I totally overlooked that :man_shrugging:t3: I just thought the way it would be implemented would be like the current system.


It wouldn’t be a cash system, it will always be coins that’s how the game is set up that’s how Niantic processes payments, there is absolutely no reason to change it. I think the originator’s intention was to show the cash value of the pass not so much to say that cash would replace the coin system
In the in-game store.




Or at a place with free wifi
I can bike long distances like 20 miles, boi


Man I wish I had a bike


I like the concept in theory a lot. I just got a bit lost with all the discussion over $ and coins.

Yes agreed all transactions for what ever the Passes are should be coins (it’s the game unit of currency).
Not sure how the conversion of currency to Game Coins works in other parts of the world but for me it varies on how I purchase those coins. 100 coins at a time will cost me $0.99. If I buy the block of coins the cost per/100 increases (a very strange thing as normally every thing you buy in bulk is discounted).

Using a conversion for my case from what the OP suggested $10 for a Day Pass roughly equals 1000 coins. I think this is too high as that is the equivalent of 10 Premium Passes. A normal Mon-Fri this would be of no value at all to me and would barely break even on a weekend.
I’d like to see the following:
Daily Pass = 400 coins
Weekly Pass = 2000 coins
I wouldn’t have Month or Year Passes.
The above is in addition to your Daily Free Pass, being able to by Single Premium passes for 100 coins and Gift Boxes
I know I would get some, especially on the weekends and I’d do a lot more Raids of any thing rather than being so selective.


Very rarely do I have a day free just to do raids. I’m going to do 6 Gengar Raids on Saturday and that will be plenty.