Treecko CD


I have a good Grovyle (93%) so I might power him up once Mega Sceptile comes out (still a tough duel between him and origami samurai Kartana)


Yes in EVERY scenario Roserade would be better I just got done watching a video by Pokemon Master Holly on YouTube.


We should be getting Sceptile as CD in march
Hoe do you think it will be with FP?


Probably very close to venusaur with fp


Even better. Sceptile wasnt bad even without fp


Best DPS, kinda sucks in TDO
Mega has best DPS overall I think, behind Kartana


Fp sceptile has more tdo but gk roserade has way more dps


Do we already know 3/25 to be the day for March CD?


We dont have 25 months, dont be silly


In America it means march 25


March 25th is on Monday so Community Day isn’t likely to happen at that day.


I know, I was poking fun at that format


Sorry, meant 42rd.


It’s the 23rd of March.
Bonuses are 1/4 Egg distance & 3-hour Lures.


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