Torchic Community Day


Gonna be lots of Fire Chickens out in gyms Memorial Day Weekend!


I’m particularly pleased that the bonus is 3x Stardust.


I would be totally psyched if the bonus was for a week or even just a weekend, the way it was in some of the game’s early events.

But since it’s only for 3 hours, I’ll join @Arem1771 in being just particularly pleased.


So when we want to talk further we need to open a new topic?


This was the case with earlier versions of this kind of topics about next Community Days. But ill charge the timer though, based on last reply


I understand, tnx for the explanation. For me this was the first topic of this type I saw, which made me a little surprised.


Well, let’s hope the Earth Day cleanup events are successful. There’s a 2x Stardust for an undetermined amount of time as a reward if the top-tier goal is met.


Let’s hope for a Earth Day + CD (+ Starpiece) stardust bonus then. :wink:


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