Top 12 recently caught pokemon




I throw away the Pokemon I don’t want, but these are the ones I kept or are currently holding onto for trades.

You can see a hundo Gyarados and a hundo Castform here. The Prinplup and Bronzong are 98%, and I’m holding off evolving the Prinplup until its designated Community Day, hence the “(CD)”. Cherrim is a 93% and the Furret is a 96%. I’m holding onto the Shiny Level 1 Torchic because I know someone collects what she calls “Shiny Babies,” which are Shiny Pokemon at Level 1.



Wow, so much has changed since last week:


Some new Shinies, but the biggest thing is that I caught a 96% Cranidos with perfect Attack. Waiting until after Adventure Week ends to evolve it in the event I catch a better one.



Attack doesnt mean much on Cranidos, is it 15-14-14?




Yes, it is. Rampardos (evolves from Cranidos) has the highest DPS attack of Rock-types in the game by far, so I’m shocked you would say that. While Tyranitar is the bulkiest, Rampardos outpaces Tyranitar in DPS by almost 4 points per second. The only thing holding it back is its poor Defense.


And thats exactly why Attack IVs dont mean nearly as much as Defense/Stamina IVs on Rampardos


That’s pretty interesting since you made a huge case about Gengar’s relevance in the meta in comparison to other Ghost types by calling it superior to the likes of most other Ghost types, but when Rampardos does the same thing to Rock-types clearly, you say it’s too weak. Double-talking much?

Also, Rampardos’ stamina is only six points behind Tyranitar, and has a better DPS/TDO ratio than Tyranitar.

SOURCE: GamePress

In a situation where quick damage output is needed, Rampardos is the clear winner by far. Tyranitar is great, but is more the anchor than a high-damage destroyer. Rampardos is so good at damage output that a team of only two raiders with all Smack Down/Rock Slide Rampardos can take down an Alolan Marowak without a weather boost.



Added on the new Shinies and even a surprise Gible I found during the event. I definitely know some Lucky Friends who are down for a Gible-for-Gible trade. Let’s just hope it’s more lucky than it has been for me.




Ive never said Rampardos is weak


Also… Not much, havent played during Slakoth in the first half and then it disappeared



You can’t believe what I got from my field research breakthrough

I got a shiny Ho-oh



A lot can change in just a few days it seems. That Tyranitar is slightly better than the one I used as my Dark-type attacker, so it will take over that in due time. Same goes for that Hariyama.



Caught quite a bit to refresh my top 12.

The Girafarig and Sandlash are hundos, the Gliscor, Azumarill, Dewgong and Gabite are 98%, and the Raikou is a 96%.


I have yet to check the IV’s.



Quite a shakeup after only a week-and-a-half.