They finally announced Mudkip Community Day


Hottest time is 12:00 - 15:00. Thats why they do it 16:00.


On 12:00 the sun is at his highest indeed, but after that the atmosphere keeps warming up for a couple of hours, reaching its hottest around 16:00. Depending on circumstances this can be earlier or later, but they decided now to start the event at least around the hottest moment of the day. (Sources are metheorological institutes)

You can see the effect too when looking at the weather. As example the local weather on my work for today:


So it seems. Ive been lied to all my life.

BUT theres something else. Since the sun is highest between 12:00 and 15:00 it is the most powerfull at those times. So its the most dangerous. I think people mean that when they say the regular “12-15 warmest” line.


On the other hand, keep in mind that the final hour is much cooler than the first hour of the original, and thats all that matters (since its 3-6 v 4-7)


As they seem to target 10k egg, 3 tier evolution Pokemon for Community Days for August I would say the likely remaining candidates are Ralts, Porygon, Shinx or Gible.

Ralts is the most likely one of them.

It is a shame that they’ve moved July’s Community Day has been pushed forward an hour. That will be an hour less I can play.


Yes, Ralts is the obvious. Gible everybody wants, but they like that we suffer…


I thinks they have a department of “sadism and torture” at Niantics headquarter…:thinking:

  • Shinx’ Shiny is already released AND Shinx is not available in the wild, so Shinx is highly unlikely.

  • Gible is not in the game for that long, so I really doubt this one.

  • Kirlia evolves into either Gallade or Gardevoir, and you need to use a Sinnoh Stone to evolve Kirlia into Gallade. If I’m being honest I don’t think Niantic will give both Gardevoir and Gallade special moves and they will probably neither give away five free Sinnoh Stones again.

  • Porygon requires even more Evolution Items.

The likeliest is probably Trapinch, but I do not want that as I likely can’t play during August CD and Shiny Flygon is one of my favorites.


My guess is Ralts Community Weekend, Charm and Superpower/Drain Punch respectively, 5 Sinnoh Stones
If they are to make a weekend again, or if they are to make a Ralts CD, this is the perfect opportunity


There’s only one day in August announced for Community Day.


Quite sure August wasnt announced yet, was I wrong?
EDIT: Yup, I thought theyve only anounced days up til July
Maybe CW in October? No way they are letting Ralts sly, and with Trapinch likely gone next month and Gible being released just two months back, they wont really have a choice for October


They could just do a rerun of a previous CD. I wouldnt like that, but i wont be suprised when they do it.