The Reason Spoofing Is Such A Big Problem



Who are you referring to here? I have no way to prove to you that what I’m saying here is true, but I haven’t lied yet. Just check Fsu twitter, and you will see only a small percentage are affected.


I was talking about FSU. He has been known to lie in his videos and on Twitter.


Oooooh, that makes more sense. Until he uploads though we actually have no proof. What I’m interested in is what percentage spoofs in game and what percentage of them spend. I have heard many arguments ranging from 10% to 80% spoof. GoHub said on one of their old articles that it was 60%.


FSUATL is a clown. How people are actually entertained by watching him play Pokémon go in his parent’s house is beyond me. He manufactures pathetic internet drama with other youtubers to get clicks from kids and immature adults. I love what mystic said about him, but wish he would just ignore the little fool rather than give him the attention he is so desperately seeking.

He’s also a liar. He lives just north of Orlando, FL right now. He isn’t some rural player struggling and only seeing pidgey and rats. He’s lazy, if he ever bothered to leave his house and play the game, there are tons of gyms and stops in Orlando (I live in the Orlando area as well)

I think all spoofers are lazy, don’t give me your sob story because I’m not interested. If you want to spoof, obviously niantic has little to no interest in preventing you from doing so. I can’t stop you, but just stay the hell away from gyms. Get your 30 100% IV tyranitars and blissey if you want, but don’t ruin the game for everyone else that is playing it the right way just because your too lazy to do the same.


Well said, my friend. Well said.


There are only a couple of youtubers worth watching anymore. Seems like many of them have to much drama or to much politics in their videos. Regardless of their views I don’t watch Pokémon YouTube videos to hear about politics or drama


I totally agree with you on that. That’s why I prefer to watch Mystic7 and Prodigies Nation. They just enjoy the game wherever they are, and have fun while doing it, which is what any player should do.


Spoofing in Pokemon Go is such a complicated issue that it is one of the few topics I don’t like to post on. Its a topic ever expounding over the course of time, and to fully elaborate on it would take me at least a full day in order to cover it from every angle. But honestly that holds true with most things in life really. That’s why this forum is great because we build on each others ideas, theories, strategies, etc, and come to sound conclusions here on the GOHub. So i’ll just share a field report from today and a theory of mine in relation to the next step Niantic is quite possibly already implementing to combat spoofers breaking their terms of service. Firstly, my rival level 40 spoofer is still active (not soft banned or banned) and joysticking around from raid to raid just as he has been since raids were released. Yes, I know, at this point my field report is about as informative as a weather man stating obvious facts like its raining outside or its hot. However, my field report does allude to one thing though, much like the weather mans’ field report does. In regards to the weather mans’ obvious observation that it is raining, one would be ill prepared to venture outside in the rain without an umbrella and get wet. In regards to my obvious observation that spoofers are still out spoofing given the new security measures implemented by Niantic, I mean to connote that spoofers know that they cannot teleport or overextend their account in relation to the time it takes for them to get from point A to point B in a car. What I’m getting at is that it doesn’t take a weather man to know to bring an umbrella with you if you intend to go outside when you’ve already heard the pitter patter of rain on your roof. What I’m also getting at in relation to spoofers and the new security measures implemented to target them is that they only need not over extend themselves in order to literally fly under Niantics’ current radar. The pitter patter of rain on ones roof means bring an umbrella. For spoofers the pitter patter translates to the first real stance Niantic took against spoofers back in April when they implemented the red slash through Pokemon that spoofers caught by teleporting. Believe you me, spoofers know its raining and they are still out there with their umbrellas. Their umbrellas however are in the form of google maps. If it takes 10 minutes to get from point A to the raid at point B they are bound to that time. For example, on discord chats I have seen my level 40 spoofer rival say “on the way with two, be there in 10 minutes”. Niantic is smart; the Pokemon Go community is too. At any rate I’ll just get right to a theory of mine I’ve been investigating for the last 4 weeks in regards to network errors at gyms. Here is my most recent theory on how Niantic is going to complement this new bot / spoofer ban recently updated. How do you catch a wild animal, AKA a spoofer? Well, Niantic has already implemented a ban for certain animals that like to graze where there are vast amount of resources available (spoofers that have teleported to metropolitan areas to farm Pokemon and resources). The grass is certainly greener (more resources) in this metropolitan area that they are grazing but after teleporting and grazing for too long Niantic has built a fence around them to keep them there. So, how is Niantic going to rid the pasture of these animals (spoofers) that migrated to a region for resources. In my findings I believe Niantic has implemented bots on gyms. For example, I’ve shared that I recently moved ten minutes across town. I still have 10 gyms around me within 20 minutes driving distance. I’ve played in all of these gyms since the games inception. However, since I moved across town and now have a new home gym and new gyms in which I frequent more than the ones I used to at my old residence I’ve been receiving “network errors” when I battle some of these gyms I used to battle less frequently. I’m positive the network error is not a service issue, I still have the same service provider and phone and never received it before. In my opinion Niantic has botted their own gyms in regards to the time it takes for a trainer to beat the gym. My Dragonite with over 1,700 battle wins easily demolishes all of these gyms since the gym rework. If there is only a Caterpie defending a gym that I’m battling in order to gain control of I cannot just spam my Dragonites quick attack and take the Caterpie down in under a minute. It thinks I’m a bot and will give me a network error for being too superior. Now this is just a theory I’ve tested myself, with my brother, and conferred with other trainers around me but we’ll see.


A very interesting suspicion you raise with the Gym errors during battle.
I’ve had errors happen often when out with the family tearing down multiple Gyms in an area(s). I’d just put it down to the game being buggy but thinking about it more with what happens at the time your suspicions could have a fair bit of merit and I’ll explain why with my observations.

I use the Go Plus every day to and from the drive to work hitting between 20-30 Poke Stops each way as well as spinning Gyms on the route. As a result I have a constant high amount of Berries/Potions/Revives. My Wife and Daughter don’t have anywhere near the potions I do so when we go out on a Gym tear up session I do the majority of the battling. Combine that with me being 3-4 levels higher than them and having an army of maxed out High IV Tyranitars I tear through any Gym like a hot knife through butter. On numerous occasions I’ve encountered the error problem either during the change over of next Pokemon battle or starting a new round. Doesn’t matter how many times it try to start the battle again or even close down the game and re start it gives me the same error. I get my wife or daughter to battle the remainder of the Gym down and they’ve always been able to without issue.
You could be right in that we’ve gone through the Pokemon so quicky that the game thinks we’re doing some thing other than just being good in the battle.


I’ve actually noticed that before, especially when we try to “stagger” a gym. I’m not going to go into too much detail as to how that works, because that’s a conversation for another time, but basically, every player you are with goes into the gym at a different time instead of fighting together, so the motivation is constantly going down instead of having to keep going through the gym. The method is so efficient, though, that I am prone to get network errors when we try that method.


I spoof but here’s why. Pokémon spawns are horrible. I don’t live in some small rural town and the spawns are still shitty. I have pokestops and shit like that. With in a year.the best Pokémon I caught in my town was a 2300cp snorlax. No joke. Plus, I only have time to play Pokémon go is at night and my city isn’t the safest town to play Pokémon go. raids around here are always empty .i wouldn’t get no we’re with a team of rattas and punk ass Pidgey’s . So I bspoof to Santa Monica. But when I spoof. I stay in Santa Monica only. Don’t snipe Pokémon and never have. Never spoof to other states or countries. I haven’t got that warning notice yet. I live about 45-50 miles from Santa Monica. I don’t constantly teleport back and forth. I’m playing on a iPhone also. Can that be why I haven’t got that message yet??


@Bane909, you don’t have to use an army of rattatas and “punk-ass pidgeys”. You have a beast Snorlax. Do you want to know the best thing I caught in my town is?..A Gengar during the Halloween event almost a year ago but you don’t see me complaining. I just travelled to Dublin a few times and drove 3 hours to Belfast for Safari Zone. If you want rares, you go to them. Don’t be lazy! P.S. how can a city be a town?


If you don’t have time to play the right way, you don’t have time to play period.

As far as the spawns, there shouldn’t be snorlax and tyranitar on every corner. They’re powerful and rare and should be hard to get in the game. Myself, I’ve been playing for over a year and I have caught three wild snorlax. The rest came from eggs. I still wouldn’t have a tyranitar if not for raids as I have only caught two wild larvitar and hatched a few more.

I 100% agree they need to adjust rural spawns. Using myself as an example, I’m around primarily water and grass biomes, so while I enjoy the somewhat regular dratinis (I probably get 3-4 a week), I do not see a lot of other useful mons in the current meta such as geodude, machop, chansey, larvitar etc. One thing that might help is to allow a little more variety in the biomes.


I totally see your perspective and understand where you are coming from. However, Have biomes specific to geographic areas is one of my favorite features. I enjoy having to travel to catch different types of Pokémon. It keeps the game fun because there is always a cross-section of the Pokémon that I don’t see all the time that are fun to pursue.

If I could catch up every Pokémon type frequently from my hometown i don’t think many of the types from different biomes wouldn’t be a prized or as fun to hunt down.


Ok. I’m not subscribing to those particular spoof reasons at all. 98-99% of everything I and everybody else catch is total flash transfer garbage. It’s just the rarity standards. But we have everything. How? Previously it was our lovely little egg friends. Rewarding you for (gasp) getting out there and walking with the good gems you’re so desperately trying to find. Hatch enough and, wow, wouldn’t you know it? You got everything.

Now all these dudes are then created equal. As your really just dust farming. And, in the ultimate stroke of irony, grinding every moving thing in front of you is easier legit playing then joysticking. So…I get more powerful faster…on legit playing. Yeah, that’s right.

Finishing my thoughts, now we have raids. This rotation giving you everything tier in gen 1 minus dragonite and plus tyranitaur (hint: expect next rotation to be the opposite, featuring the best of johto plus dragonite).


I know someone who used to spoof. But He only spoofed to his real time location and I have seen him do That, while I was next to him several times. He did that because his gps was shitty. What do you think?

I think he could do that, as long as he doesnt spoof locations than his real time location.


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