The new Pokemon appraisal system



What are you talking about, the overall ranking is literally the sum of individual IVs


If I’m understanding correctly he’s trying to translate the “this _____ is amazing/wonderful/best/decent/ok” followed by the attack/defense/stamina is it’s best feature in the old system to the new system. Which I know has already been explained. From my understanding of the old system, The old system always had a scale of 0-45 it was just broken down into three parts to appraise it and give you its stats range


The IVs were always 0-15 in each of the stats
old system first told you the range of the sum and then the best stat, followed by its range, while the new one tells you the overall range in stars and then tells you the IVs
Directly, it doesnt give you a range, you see the exact stats


@Necrozmadabest I meant the total of all the stats added up. Since each stat has a 0-15 range and when you add them up it equals somewhere between 0-45. I know that the new one tells you directly what the stats are, I posted the info charts earlier in the thread lol. I was talking about the old system which tbh I didn’t really understand that well.


Stars do similar thing


Ok…I figured that


What do you mean by “a 3 in the old system”? Do you mean amaze (Valor), wonder (Mystic), best of them (Instinct)?

Yes, I explained that.

Since the stats used to be judged on a scale of 0 to 3

I defined an arbitrary system based on the four possible results. If there’s something that makes more sense to you than “0 to 3” then I’m happy to use that too.


What are you talking about, the overall ranking is literally the sum of individual IVs

There used to be an “overall” rating in addition to a “stats” rating. The “overall” rating is like “this _____ is amazing/wonderful/best/decent/ok” and it was sometimes followed by “attack/defense/stamina is it’s best feature” etc. But then after that were was a “stats” rating like “I’m blown away by its stats. WOW!” I made all this very clear in my original post. Please explain your point of confusion.

If “the overall ranking is literally the sum of individual IVs” then what was the stats ranking for?


You are the one confused ffs
The first part of appraisal “this Pokémon looks best/amazing/whatever” was replaced by stars - the range of the SUM of its IVs, 0-45
The second part “its attack is the best, its the best Ive ever seen/Im blown away” is replaced by the bars giving you the exact IVs for every single stat instead of just telling you the range for the best


Then in what situation would the overall rating be different from the stats rating? How come in some situations I’d get a “3-star” rating overall but then a “2-star” rating for the stats, or vice versa?


@Necrozmadabest is right

In the old system, looking at the overall stat, whenever you read amaze (Valor), wonder (Mystic), best of them (Instinct), it means at least 3 stars in the new system, sum of attack defense and stamina IV is at least 37

This is talking about attack, defense and stamina IV for each Pokémon, 0 to 15 for each stat, now in a bar graph format, how to read these bars is from @Ryan21 's post




3 star is 82%-98%, 2 star is 66 2/3 % to 80%


I’m just smacked at how hard this has been for some to understand.


I am similarly smacked at how hard it is for people to understand my question


But… We already anwsered it