Suggested pokemons in magikarp raid battle


so today I entered magikarp raid battle and my suggested team was 1 jolteon and 5 kabutops.
kabutops dont counter water type, meanwhile I had pokemons like exeggutors with double grass attacks or raikous with double electric attack that counter water type.
the kabutops’s cp was not that high either. so why did it suggest me the kabutops?


Resists his attacks


oh, magikarp boss deal only normal damage type and not water type?


In GO he has Splash and Struggle, so only normal type moves (and the only water-type move he learns in the games is by an event)


oh, splash is water type, but seems like it deals 0 damage, so the only damage magikarp deal is normal type. I get it now :slight_smile:


Yeah, Splash only deals scratch damage - 1HP
Dont worry about Karp, any Mon should be able to counter him


yeah I guess magikarp is more like a normal attacker than water attacker, with other water pokemons I guess the exeggutors and raikous will be better than kabutops


um ITS A MAGIKARP use whatever you want


If you have an Ant near your meal, and a program has to look for a solution…
Maybe it suggests a hammer, a shoe, a gun, or maybe a finger…

In any case, the Ant will be dead. :sunglasses:


I just wanted to understand it for more battle knowledge, ofc its not a problem to kill the magikarp.


Then you have to use a better example, with Magikarp you will not learn nothing…


Pinap it


Splash does 0 Damage, it says on a Magikarp’s info screen.
It’s just fast-ish at powering up Struggle.

Make sure to throw a Pinap. They won’t run, and you won’t run out of balls unless your nearest 2 year old throws the balls (or the family cat).


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