[spoilers] New Sword and Shield Pokemon! GEN 8!


You forgot suicune


Oh yeah, he WAS a mascot Legendary, wasn’t he?


Yup crystal version, waaaay waaay back lol


Kinda, but he still wasnt a “major” legendary


Honestly whats the difference between a dynamax and a mega evolve


Nothing really just super-sized


Dynamax only lasts 3 turns


That’s the smallest difference…


Dynamax doesnt last till fainting, doesnt change typing, doesnt change HP


Hmm, Zacian looks to me like somebody asked what Suicune might be like if it were a wolf instead of a cat.

And more recycles than I’d like – another sheep, flower, turtle, crow, and wolf…


I mean, different kinds of animals and flowers exist, so why keep it at one family per species


Also corviknight isn’t a crow, it’s based off a raven.


Which is why I still find it surprising that it’s a Steel/Flying type, and not a Dark/Flying type. [shrug.]

As far as recycled species are concerned, they wanted to preserve a British look to it and its species are very limited, so I understand their use of a sheep, raven and wolf. Honestly, wolves are underrepresented in the Pokemon world.


True I also questioned the typing, but I’m guessing they wouldn’t want more dark/flying types (since there are 5 others who have that typing) compared to the steel/flying type which only has 2 if you don’t count corviknight.

I also understand the recycling of some animals that they use as Pokémon, and I’m actually not that bothered by it. (Secretly hoping they have a new snake, lion and a badger Pokémon so I can have all 4 houses of hogwarts on my team lol)


Only time will tell. My biggest hope is that we get more Pokemon in general. These last two generations have been relatively scanty with their Dexes.


Very true, guess we’ll find out more over the summer


But literally the same concept and idea that the Pokemon gets bigger


No, megas make it different, they act like half evolutions, not godzilafiers


Revealed in a trailer:

An electric corgi named Yamper:

… and an imp creature named Impidimp:

Added both to the OP.


Impidimp is a Dark/Fairy type, first of its kind.