Single Player Endgame : Gym Challenges


Dont think they arent working.


Put in work; as in come to this forum, read our posts, send to tech team, send to dev team, story boards, plot, code, ect ect ect


Yes they have lots of work.

To keep a game with so many people stable and continuing to be popular they need lots of updates and bug fixes.


And they offer neither of those


If they offered neither you wouldn’t still be playing the game.

Do you have plans for Moltres day or will you play?

If so, you are playing in a new update.


They dont offer lots of either, thats what I mean
They release updates like twice a month (and even then its mostly just bug fixes, but each of those updates just brings MORE bugs)


Oh, true.

But lots of new features and stuff to do.


As long as the game keeps making money, it will never end. We are only on Gen 3 after 2 years. Main series will be on Gen 8 next year.


Keep in mind that they are also running out of major features


story, gym leaders, elite 4. Multiples of these can make this game last longer.

Imagine having to get 8 badges then beat elite 4, and then another set of gym leaders and another set of elite 4.

Would be worth all our strong pokemon.


Yup. There is all kinds of stuff that still can be added.