Show your shiny Articuno's!



Show your shiny Articuno here, here’s mine


I dont even have an articuno and ik not getting one i think




At Articuno day you can get Articuno and shiny Articuno


I can’t because I live in a really rural area. I wish they will give us it another way in mass


Did 14 in the first 2 hours (couldnt participate in the last hour). Caught all 14 but 0 shinys. Bit dissapointed considering i heared some people caught 2 on their main and then 2 more on their second account with fewer raids done.
Got a 98% with 15 ATK tough, so i guess thats nice.


They made them possible for groups of 3


Dang, I couldn’t get to any as I’m on holiday at the moment. Glad to hear that though.



i do mine from 11-2


18 raids in a row, 1 shiny


My Ex Raid Crew split into several car loads. One car with 5 people in did 22 Raids with 4 in the car not getting a single Shiny while the other got 5.
That’s just not right.


Congrats! I did 6 raids (didn’t bought some extra passes). Too bad my luck was dry today: 5/6 caught, and I was very lazy to aim for excellent throws.


How I’m a suppose to do that if I don’t have one?? Such an unfair game


6 for 6
1 shiny


4 accts in car 88 raids only 1 shiny… horrible


Weird for us today, most large groups rarely had a shiny. Very small ones, same thing. It was the medium sized groups that got the most luck. Groups of 9-13 trainers would have one, sometimes 2, shiny prize winners. I got mine in a raid that had 12 trainers, 2 of us got them.


My wife’s :cry:


Not sure what you mean with “that” but if you meant not weren’t able to do 6 Articuno raids (like @thinger95 did): You were able to get 5 free raid passes from gym stops. Not all at once though, in 5 spins.


I dont even have 1 shiny articuno or any 100iv pokemon