Shiny Gible released - Let’s discuss!


I’ve never seen one in the wild.


I try not to overthink something uncontrollable in the future too much. If there will be Gible CD (even it’s shiny is released) and I will be able to get some decent IV ones before that, that would be great. Otherwise, just enjoy the moment of playing now. Although both Gible and Deino are super rare, Gible tends to spawn abit more than Deino in my area.


adding one last thing to sum it up :joy:


I read it before from a YouTuber, that is hilarious!


How nice, I got two 10km eggs after this anouncement, I have hatched both…

… and from both I got a normal Kling!!!


I’d like a Klink because I only have 1 and walked it 144 km so far. I keep hatching Feebas, and Beldum. At least I got my first Golett yesterday.


I traded my lucky friend 1 of 2 Gible (+s? idk proper plural for gible it’s AG tho) hatched from 10km. Gible for Gible both from eggs (*no wild catches on this one…yet. Found 1 Deino in the wild & hatched a 2nd deino better IVs) My lucky gible has some of the weakest IVs I’ve seen from lucky friend trade(LFT) 2☆ lucky Gible…why is Niantic trolling me?!? LOL! JK I know it’s random -_- I have 2 10km eggs that just lit up my “hatch 5 eggs” field research as I was throwing at a wild pokemon!!! Hopefully I get a Gible! Last few 10km eggs I hatched Panpour, Munchlax, Beldum ×3. Scored enuf candy in time to evolve several Metagross during Dec CD. Shiny released without a CD is a letdown & obvious cash grab by Niantic. I bought 1480coin Adventure Box for Dec CD & didn’t get to game much during boosted rates. Saved supers, didn’t want CD egg pool 10km hatches wasting all my resources. Jeeze I hope those 2 eggs aren’t more Sableye!!


Regular Klink. Shiny Feebas hatched from those 10km eggs. No Gible!! Oh well I’m not done…not yet


Are you sure?

10km Eggs can’t have Sableye anymore.

And then you are complaining? :rofl:


Elemental monkeys are from 5k aren’t they?
No 10k egg drops since the Shiny introduction.
Surprise surprise, all I’m getting is 5k.


They are.


I thought it was possible to hatch mons that we’re in 2k and 5k in 10k eggs?


Only Baby Pokemon could hatch from more than one type Egg, but they can not anymore. Unless you have older Eggs.


Good to know. Always thought that 2k and 5k mons were possible to hatch from 10k eggs.


No, fortunately they are/were not. That would have been too horrible. :sweat_smile:


Sounds like the name of an alt-rock band


Mrs. celery’s sister’s partner is the brother of the ex-wife of the bassist in the Elemental Monkeys :monkey: True Story! :crazy_face:


Got out on the push bike to farm a nest on Saturday so that helped turn a few eggs over on the 2 Incubators.
All up now I’ve spun up 18 new eggs since Shiny Gible was possible and only 1 has been a 10k. It hasn’t hatched yet but I know it will be full of disappointment like the last countless number of 10k eggs before sparkly Gible introduction.


at the moment im doing what im always doing when something good comes in 10km eggs. Walk anything BUT those eggs in my free incubator, and just save the 10km eggs for when i have 9. At that point ill walk them all at the same time, and start over again. Right now im at 5 saved. Gonna take a few days for the last 4 due to not being able to walk much in the next few days.


Got new 10km egg yesterday. Hoped to do some walking this morning. Was about to take dogs out but it’s only 17 degrees Fahrenheit here.