Share your XP official Megathread


Congrats. @Brobraam


Almost halfway since L39


Took 2 weeks to get this million


Only a week to get this million, though…


Took almost 4 weeks to get next 2 million.


Over 2 weeks to get next million







Only 4 million since November.


new milestone. exactly 150 million xp.

Realised in the morning i had 1800 xp left to go. couldn’t do anything untill after work, where i had 1 hour the time to get home, get the xp and be on time for diner hour. Again had to look for non-gold-my teamcolor gyms to get from odds xp to even xp but it only took me 10 minutes and some berries after that.

I’m done with the xp grind now though. Gonna keep getting it where i can, but not gonna fuss over it with friendship levelups anymore as i used to.


I’m done with the XP grind. I’m out now just to take gyms, complete daily buddy requirements, and eventually complete the Pokedex. I’ve also given up on quests until they come up with something that doesn’t involve Team Rocket. I still need to beat Cliff on the current one, but not going out of my way to look for him.





I am behind on schedule. Since last September, I ‘only’ got 5,67 million exp… with stuff happening last half year I don’t think I will catch up, but that doesn’t matter. Let’s hope the current situation is over.

Stay safe everyone!


Almost at 77 million xp


Tomorrow I finally will pass the 20.000.000 xp mark :star_struck:



Do I need to tag/message anyone for this :thinking:


Only @Thorend can add you to the Level 40 Club, but I haven’t seen him in months.

Edit: and @apavlinovic but I haven’t seen him in a long time either.