Share your XP official Megathread


Almost 5 million now


over 25 million



Almost level 40 thrice. Wow


Almost 10 million xp since last post 3-4 months ago.


Up 12 million since November


4x L40 Nice work @Thorend
I’m only 24Mil behind :rofl:


I’m 60K short of 35 million.


got to 5,000,000 yesterday!


Hit 35 million today!


XP from today


Nice grinding @Branebs
Any lucky egg action to help or straight out hardcore grinding?


Lucky egg of course.


Wooowwww! So it’s 5M XP to reach L40! :grin:


I have to go to the office for an hour, but after that I go on an Lucky Egg Spree. I have 7,5 months of evolutions sitting. Also some special research bonuses. :grin:


Reached 13 MILLION yesterday!!!


update. 17M since November even though I “stopped trying” :rofl:


656.312xp in one day.
Did some grinding today… :rofl:


Raids, catches, friendship or mass evolves?


For me now its mostly raids/friendship. I stopped mass evolving once the friend system was in place. Now I am stashing candy of all types. I am up to about 55 best friends which is a lot of xp! Easy to organize dropping an egg in my local area and most will hit 3-4 friend ups at a time.