Share your XP official Megathread


This is the official thead for sharing your XP with the world. See the XP of trainers from around the world!

For access to the Level 40 Chat on forums please post a screenshot of your XP so we can add you.


I’ll get us started


I have 4,065,856.




I am only level 33 doh







Level up report

Smashed this challenge.

More like 5DayLink

Do i even gotta play Cday :man_shrugging:t5:( issa joke)

Level up report
A million xp in a week

I just hit 28 million today


I seriously doubt I would have 29 million by next week


We started on the same day


So I just checked and I got a quarter million XP since last post. And I didn’t even really participate in Community Day today. I probably could do the million in a week.


Finally got to TL40 x 3. Now on to 80mil!


I’m still at less than 30 million.