Share your Registeel catches!


Share your Registeel catches and maybe even some AR Photos!


:musical_note: He’s my liddle Regi :notes:


Ill never get one :frowning_face:
I also dont have regice


Omg i caught a 100% Registeel!



I don’t have one yet. I hope to get into the city to get one.


This guy is even weaker than the birds I got out of the research boxes.:disappointed: I only needed it to fill a Pokedex spot anyway.


4/1 times went for him, keeps running, I still say the game is cheating certain players. Some players catch rates are easy compared to others. It is not equal around the board. Another reason to stop playing this game to many faults in the coding. Nantic is quick to make a character hard to catch but drag there feet in making entire game play equal to all players. Also if time is still left and the boss runs you should be able to raid that character again.


I killed a registeel but my game crashed and i never got the chance to catch it




Caught about a couple weeks ago, on first ball with Nanab Berry :smiley:


I caught mine with a critical capture


YES !!! MY DREAM CAME TRUE! Thx for the luck guys!





One is good tor the dex.


Yes all I need is one FAT GOLEM.


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