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I got croagunk today!





Thanks! 3 Croagunk and 2 Skorupi popped up down the street today. lol


Wow that’s pretty good


Captured enough. Have 10 candies left


I have ten Croagunk candies left, too.
And I can already evolve a second Skorupi. Sadly I still haven’t encountered a Skorupi with good IV’s.


Oh the IVs on my Bronzor, Finneon, Skorupi, and Croagunk have all been terrible. lol




I was finally able to get Shinx after such a long time. There just weren’t Shinx raids at the time I was playing the game. Today I was lucky!




Last one I needed from the wild encounters for this most recent wave. Now I just need to hatch a Mantyke and Chingling, and this wave is done.


Here’s mine from so far this year…


Munchlax :star_struck:


Not new to the dex, but definitely new for me … FINALLY! … :smiley:


Landed a Lugia tonight! :slight_smile:


Just got illumise from trade


Finally got a Lugia from the weekly completed Research Task. Also hatched a Munchlax and a Shiny Budew which I did not notice at first and was wondering why its “bib” is different in color, only knew it was a shiny after seeing the 3stars in the inventory. Also got my one and only Meltan, and looking for a thousand kilometers of walking to be able to evolve into Melmetal :sweat_smile: Only got a few Rare Candies.


I evolved one of the 3 Rio’s I have just so I can put it in Gyms for Bonus Candy. I’m walking another Rio. I’ want to get the Candy stocks up rto be ready to go if I get a great IV.