Share your latest Pokédex Registers

I’m halfway on the Candy for Greninja. Could have had a bunch of Chesnaught and the Fire Starter already but so far all their IV’s have been terrible. Same for the Froakie, but I still have some encounters to go as I’m not going to put Rare Candy into it. Also I think I have forgotten to share most of my newly added Pokémon. Will figure that out later.

:pray: oh my god, beg pardon to all of you
I was not even aware that Greninja is the third evolution of Froakie…

Well, I have 100 candies and 6 mega-candies, but I wait until the 125 candies are fullfilled before starting the evolutions…


It was my third lucky Froakie (I like to have one of each evolution for a luckydex). Decent IVs and I had over 200 candy… so I took the plunge :grinning:


I have a 93 Froakie, but he has to wait until there are at least 125 candies…

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Finally something better than the countless amount of 87-89% or 90,’s with poor attack.
Got a 98% Lucky in a Trade

Just getting this one out of the way with a 93% also from Trade. I stuffed the animation shot.



Been busy… Had an egg on on Friday so besides the best friend I could finally evolve all my savings.