Share your latest Pokédex Registers


I caught it at home!


Me, too. Far from any stops or gyms or even natural spawn points, this thing turned up this noon.


Accidentally evolved the wrong Meltan with the same CP. :sweat_smile:


Got a few things out of the way. Got sick of waiting for great IV and just got them done once I had enough Candy for a second better one.



Forgot to share these last week.


After getting 12!!! Landorous already I have finally got this one - as my first catch after making Rank 8



Apparently I forgot to evolve this one lol


I did mass evolutions with lucky egg today and finally got these Pokemon. Garchomp was, of course, the hardest to get.


Traded for it because PvP was being a jerk to me about it. Lucky too, but not that great.





For those in Volbeat regions, how many Illumise did you catch on its first day released?

And I looked thru their pokedex, Volbeat can only be male while Illumise can only be female.


44 Purple bugs caught and a heap more not clicked on while I did a ball run for over an hour.


A lot


Without leaving my house eight seen and caught.


Not many, only 79. I did see almost the doubled amount of Volbeat yesterday, though. :man_facepalming: At leat I’ve gotten the Shiny Volbeat already. :sweat_smile:


From a trade.