Share your latest Pokédex Registers


Got my Virizion, but dang, it was a [redacted] to catch!



Technically not a new Pokédex register, but I didn’t have this form of Shellos before.



Wow, here they are still not available…
… or at least I have not seen nothing new here.


Snover everywhere around me. Fortunately, I’m not stuck with even more Snow Piles With Plant Hands starting tomorrow. :hushed:


Here in Valencia we are still around 20 degrees, so snowy, no chance.


Snow Pile is boosted in Sunny Weather, too.


I thought you have blue one in your region, now you have red?




Dropped 1 Glacial Lure on my favourite Quad Stops 2x last night.
Nothing on the first on one then got a pair of these in the next set.





Thank you, weather spawn!

It’s not even snowing really, but there’s a winter weather advisory in effect and it apparently was enough for it to start snowing in the game, and this beauty finally popped. Yay!


Put a Glacial Lure on in my home and it was the sixth that popped up.



I evolved my buddy


@bobbyjack8 Has all your Buddy Adventure status remained the same for your now evolved Buddy?


Yes. He just gave me a sack of Hyper potions.