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This deserves its own post. Today, I met a player from Japan in my town! We added each other to friends list and did a special trade. I traded him European regional Pansear and he traded me Asian regional Pansage!


Just for the entry.


I hatched it from 5km egg!


Nice to see regionals from Unova are hatching from 5 km eggs as well. Congrats. I wish I had that one here; prefer Durant over Heatmor.


Completed Kanto today! :star_struck:


I still need Zappos :man_facepalming:

But caught this one today. Bad IV’s.





Just hatched from 5 km egg.


Awesome dude traded me a Mime Jr., and I was able to get enough candy to evolve the Serperior for the entry.




I have great friends who love to trade with me.


I have ultra friends who love to trade with me :stuck_out_tongue:


[Pokemon Trainer Battle theme starts playing.]


Who’s that Pokemon? :ghost:



Kudos for anyone who gets the reference.


Jackson was home sick from school today and dug out all the Pokémon DVDs. He started with Indigo League and every time they asked who that Pokémon was, I yelled out Pikachu. Even today that still drives my kids crazy.


And here’s the video that got me the Darkrai entry. I REFUSE to throw at him when he’s at the sides.