Share your AR(+) photos (and Pokemon snapshots)!



Today at work…



They are not letting me use the piano


Under the sea :notes:


They are doing a Little Mermaid number in my daughter’s dance recital but she isn’t in that one. So I post this picture of her in another number.


I take lots of pics habitually… I have been playing with an app to combine pics so I don’t have so many - here are results:


I thought they were making Smeargle easier to photobomb, until I had to take 60+ photos this morning.


She looks a tiny bit like a friend of mine lol


Here is original pic…


Looks like she having fun


She is having a blast. 6th year she has done this show. She started when she was 3. This year she is in 5 different dances.


What’s with the bags of money


They were doing a rap song. Her shirt says Got Money.


O right on


It has been a long time since i last made an AR+ pic. For Some reason my gane crashed every time


My AR+ pics won’t post here unless I crop them down.


I always crop them down so i can post them here


Just send in a text then download from text and post that’s what I do



That’s cool