Share your AR(+) photos (and Pokemon snapshots)!



Congrats to you, two hours ago I have used 8 balls for a Latios… and nothing… one Excellent, 5 great and…


This was on community day btw





I found a fossil!:rofl::joy:


Are you talking about the feet in the left part or about the Kabuto?



The kabuto


I thought it has to be this monster, but you never know if the people have second intentions… :thinking::joy::joy::joy:


It was such a nice day and i became lvl 39!:grinning:


I thought he wanted to swim but it seems he doesn’t


This one is of the best I’ve seen until now… Congrats

If there’s a competition, you can send it, without doubt


Click on the picture to see the whole picture

”file too big” why? Apple has an incredible high resolution camera.


But it has a problem, there’s a space between the green and the mon as if it is floating…


I hope he doesn’t want to attack me?

I’m trying to make better pics than this, but just to share one


There seems exist a problem of big and little… I can’t believe that there is canon so big, that a Tyranitar is sooo little. Or I was allways wrong about the scale of the game…




Yeah, it wasn’t the best one, I know, but I just wanted to share it anyways. My next one will be a better one (hopefully).

Isn’t it a Larvitar🤔


No, Pupitar has nothing red on the corps, Larvitar, yes can be.

And you are right, I’m not even able to make one of these photos… so show us more.


This is Larvillusion. And again, not the best picture, but I just wanted to share it. At the end of the next week, I will choose my best pictures, and then share them here.