Share Pokémon GO Friend Codes & Add Friends (Official Megathread)

Taiwan Asia
trainer code
ME : 6231 0305 5791
GF : 5742 8635 3798
almost play everyday

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7233 0317 2239
Will send Azelf raids

Hi everyone, in relatively new to Pokemon go-to my kiddo is hardcore into the whole thing, and I have started to take over during down time. If anyone would like to become friends and help each other (gifts,tips, etc) Plz add me! Tampa area and don’t have any friends to play or trade with! Thx.

PS keep it PG and don’t freak if Iwe aren’t quite on yournlevel…lol. plz, its me and my kiddo playing and don’t wa JT any problems. Respecttfully,

My code: 7657 4139 7677

Sent request. Newer but will always help and send gifts!:grin:

Take a look to your code.
The game says there’s no player with this code.