Share Pokémon GO Codes & Add Friends (Official Megathread)

Let’s start this level 50 grind.

7233 0317 2239

Dear All,
These are my account information:

Nickname: Chthulu92
Country: Italy (Europe)
Looking for: not european players for regional unlocked raids (eg. lake trio)
Code: 9759 5236 4219
Code for copypaste with phone: 975952364219
Current level: 37

Note: I usually do 5*, mega and some 3* raids. Invite me and I ll invite you as well. :wink:

Lol welkom terug

hi my swiss friends and i need new friends (we invite soon for Mesprit raids)
our trainer codes are:
6111 0027 9700
3741 8260 3204
7648 2964 9147
9896 0578 5898
0573 0281 3495
thx for adding :wink:

Could you please add my parents, PoGoBorg and ZenLunaa. They are very active players that raid often and are looking for more friends since they maxed all current. They will send you gifts regularly.
Code: 9929-7025-5083 (PoGoBorg)
5001-2026-4889 (ZenLunaa)

Hi, I need some new active friends

8887 4150 8509

Team Blue from Dortmund, Germany

9349 7293 6661

6201 6865 1087

From Greece

Hi, I will try to open and send gift every day, all the way from Norway.

Feel free to add me: 5286 7561 4196

Let’s be friends in Pokémon GO! My Trainer Code is 2403 8855 5809 my son
1834 9065 1376 mine
2024 1303 6859 other son
1381 2278 9018 my wife

From Brazil

Looking for a friend in the region Australia, New Zeeland, Japan or South Korea. Message me for my code.

Level 40 from France.

My code 9991 0107 0297 need uxie and mespirit i have azelf

I will be doing some Mesprit raids this week so I can invite if I in return get invited to Azelf and Uxie raids.
Add me: 5615 7952 9744 If you’re in Asia/Europe feel free to join this discord we will make sure to invite you to our raids as well

135657183336 Add me!

I just send you friend request. Can invite to mesprit raids.
where are you from? would need azelf raid invites


135657183336 Join this server full of people willing to exchange invites

0802 6284 8069 my other code looking for uxie and mespirt will invite for azelf

Hi, everyone.

I’m looking for invitations for Mesprit and Azelf raids.
I can invite you to Uxie raids!

My friends code is: 0815 4068 7231
Thanks in advance!

Hey, im from chile and looking to do some Uxie and Mesprit, can invite to Acelf raids
Trainer name: Piripepeno
My friend code is: 4183 9005 6877


Hey guys,

I’m looking for people to send me an invite for any Azelf or Uxie raid i can join almost any time so just toss me an invite.

Trainer code is: 0875 9030 8592

i can invite you to a Mesprit raid

Greetings Darthreaver