Share Pokémon GO Codes & Add Friends (Official Megathread)



New player from NC USA


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Hey wuddup everyone! Anyone who’s still actually playing and plans on staying active on the app in the year to come 2020 should add me! I’m fresh to level 35 and have completed the whole gen 1 dex (minus the exception of Mewtoo that motherf***** I couldn’t catch during the Raid this summer) Been playing since the start! 2016 till now almost daily, I give gifts, battle trade, all that so add me! Oh did I mention I’m in NYC the epicenter of the world baby! 7529 5406 4364 image


Please add this trainer code 0431 8695 8548. I need more friends.



Pls add my accounts and from my girlfriend for xp and later Trade if you want, especially regio Pokémon’s. A Group of Gamers who open Gifts Evers day! Send gifts pls, we have here only a few poke stops:

4475 0428 8343 little sister
0227 3566 9221 Little brother
6622 9518 5655 friend
2635 0114 0424 friend
0583 4567 3714 me
5806 9289 2086 girlfriend

Please add all of us!

We are from Germany.
Thank you


You want XP?
3.000 XP in one day?
10.000 XP in 7 days?

Here are a few Trainer Codes you can add:

8428 0787 1988 (Lev. 40: my Account)
2567 6262 2813 (Lev. 35: my girlfriend’s Account)
2603 7858 2276 (Lev. 37: my brother’s Account)
6150 5411 0359 (Lev. 35: a friend’s Account)

Country: Brazil

You can sent me daily a gift and i/we will open it. It’s just for XP, We can hardly send gift back because there are few pokestops where we live. So add, if you need XP and have to much gifts to give :wink:


I hope all is well everyone and Happy Holidays!

Let’s be friends in Pokémon GO! My Trainer Code is 8982 8734 2696!


How often do you post on this thread? :joy:


From Chicago. Happy to exchange gifts daily.



I will send and open gifts daily 3226 5322 6977


6494 5973 7475 i’m from the netherlands