Share Pokémon GO Codes & Add Friends (Official Megathread)



6441 1656 7104

Need three new friends for jirachi quest :slight_smile:


Hi, gamer from poland
trainer code : 6359 0190 9261


2453 9090 5748

Will send daily gifts and alternate to get best friends


Hi everyone add my friend he’s active and ready to exchange gifts.
3934 6662 2284



5333 6238 9295


I am also looking for new friends and also for trading. Please add me!

2509 2709 8554


Looking for my friends to send/receive gifts.
Trainer code is: 2220 8428 3551

Will try to open/send gifts daily. Thanks!


5333 6238 9295 trainer code


5501 0259 2198

I play daily and send gifts as I get em!


9185 4346 0404 add me please


Hey guys looking for at least 3 new friends for jirachi research! Trainer code is 1393 0926 9422


2062 0238 4470 need more friends to complete the tasks!!! From Miami FL!!!


Jon Reach from Malaysia


add me please
4913 5674 1320


Hello, trainers! I just sent a whole bunch of friend requests out & thought I should introduce myself.

I started playing at launch in 2016, but uninstalled it due to poor location & a phone that could barely run the game. Picked it back up during the Detective Pikachu event earlier this year & now I play almost daily! I do my best to send gifts as often as possible & don’t remove friends unless they have been inactive for months. Many of my gifts are from the Islamic place of worship, Starbucks & two churches nearby my house. Gifts showcasing the unique places of interest in my area are given thoughtfully. Looking forward to making new friends both near & far!

One major goal I have is to hatch a Tropius. If you live in their region, please consider adding me!

A long term, collaborative project I would like to get off the ground is a collection of screen shots from pokestops all around the world. Currently, I’m uploading the ones I’ve collected to Google Drive & will post on the forums once I have a page ready for others to contribute. I hope that other trainers are interested in this & consider participating!

Trainer Name: themolluskk
Team Mystic
Level 29
Trainer Code: 9620 6451 3773
Will update with my new trainer code in the future. You guys are awesome! 30+ friend requests within an hour!


Add me looking for new friends to send gifts to


Just ran out of gifts, but I’ll be sending out more as I get them :slight_smile:


3457 3453 2654 Need friends for quest. Thanks!


With 20 pending friend requests, I’m gonna change my friend code. I’ll update with my new one once I’ve gotten things sorted out & am ready! Thanks, everyone! <3