Share Pokémon GO Codes & Add Friends (Official Megathread)



Asa the title says, I got back into Pokemon GO recently and I’m not great at adding people as friends

Trainer code: 8053 2010 4926

If anyone would like to add me, I’m level 34 and got some juicy Kangaskhan I can trade (some of the high and some on the low CP level) because I am from Australia and all that haha

Also gifts…I can send them as well??? Its all weird since I got back into it :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey pmaxad add me here is my trainer code I’ll send you gift as well
Trainer code: 7022 7963 4925


Trainer code is 7022 7963 4925


I sent you request add me


Hey guys my code is: 418755356875

Will send gifts from Australia daily. Cheers!!


Hi there! Just started and need new friends! Will send gifts! Please add me! From Canada, Quebec!
Lilisororus 7107 9025 4307


Re-posting mine since I just cleared out some folks and have plenty of spots now:

4128 7671 1722


Hey guys an gals in need of new friends gift when I can, pls be patient, and remember let’s catch em all


i live in Seoul, Korea


Hello from France ! Please add me : 5046 6541 7658 :slight_smile:


1504 5507 3558 :sparkles: Southern California

0713 6182 1329 :sparkles: Southern California

4956 8855 3552 :sparkles: Virgin Islands, Caribbean

9931 4449 1990 :sparkles: Virgin Islands, Caribbean


I looking for people who will open their gifts I send everyday, they do not send everyday, whenever you can send a gift great. Also who are interested in battling training. I send gifts at least 5-7 days, sometimes not on weekends and holidays. Western Colorado, Trainer code is 142238233149


(Europe) Austria n family looking for some friends for XP and :gift:, can’t gift back always. Will be happy if u have too much gifts, because they don’t have a lot of pokestops around and are always out of pokeballs :smile: Thanks to all the awesome pkmn go players!

XerlosAT 2673 0734 5520 (Dad)
Anjali133016 0126 8277 4918 (Mum)
Luigjuniora 6266 2953 0479 (son)
TeddyUr30AT 6806 6444 6140 (son)
Einhorn1340 (daughter)
MukAustria 7244 7053 7777 (aunt)

(old picture, may not work; working on update)


Hi guys, I would like to add more new friend for daily gift giving.


7462 3100 6420


Hi guys. Sorry I don’t know how to use this forum very well. So if I don’t reply to you back, please my apologies. I’m trying to learn! My trainee names are BrazilianDoida, Spookemona and Imabwitch.
I play everyday and send presents everyday. Sorry if I can’t send to everyone. I try.
Btw my BrazilianDoida account reached 200 friends. Sorry!



3563 7551 0904


Looking for some new friends. Catch is during the extreme weather here in Chicago I fell and broke my wrist and broke 2 ribs 4 days ago. Not out and about much with the weather but hope to be soon. I am usually really good giving gifts and will be soon. Anyone out there that can just send for a few weeks without much reciprocation. I will make it up yo you. 2510-7769-1292 if you can help me out for now. Thanks to those who can have a little mercy for a fellow injured trainer.


Here is my code:

5963 8218 5780

and my son’s:

9797 2106 9614

We’re from Poland.


6685 2963 7846 my friend code - will try to send gifts daily. Play daily with a gym across the street from my job.