Share Pokémon GO Codes & Add Friends (Official Megathread)



Friend code if anyone wants it!:sweat_smile: 6420 4964 2340

Players in your area

hey Fellow Pokemon Fans am here to find relatable friends that are active everyday as im here
please add me am full time active during the day and part of the night heres my code 0015 6596 7059


I’m pretty sure that everyone should add me!! Yep Yep!


6055 5433 6387

This is my code just looking for friends to finish a mission

Thanks :slight_smile:


Pls add me
My trainer code : 6665 7501 7939


Add me to be your friend!!!
I live in Taiwan, Asia!!!


Looking for new friends from different places around the world.

Located in Canada. Send gifts near daily (some days I run out of gifts).

Trainer code :canada: 2783 8811 8625


7164 5976 1597 Spain!



8719 0444 0771
The Netherlands


Add me guys from Brazil 7778 4079 8300


If anyone wants EASY XP, you can make 3,000XP in 1 day (6,000XP with Lucky Egg) :grin:
10,000XP in 7 days (20,000XP with Lucky Egg)
Because of my high rate of rotating friends, you HAVE to send me a gift when you add me, or I’ll run out of space for everyone (stupid 20 daily limit):expressionless:
If you’ve added me before, just try again👍🏻
Got about 45 spaces available, grab one quick!
Also my friends code too.

My Code: 5834 6868 4848
Friend’s Code: 0307 4239 7456


Hi everyone,

I am looking at making some Poke friends.

(I am from Sydney, Australia, but happy to make some friends world wide).

I have attached my friend code, if you would like to be friends it would really help out alot (I have a field research to complete). I also have too many gifts for my current 3 friends… I know (sad)…

Leave your friend code if you would like.

Thank you :slight_smile:51381311_296183991098541_1123058687192072192_n


Need new friends. Add me :slight_smile:
From Palm Springs, California🌴
Code::: 2364 1200 1226


Add :slight_smile: 2364 1200 1226


7603 9652 3898



[Germany] pls send Gift for XP and oft you want regio eggs

0583 4567 3714!



Let’s be friends in Pokémon GO! My Trainer Code is 4856 4842 9519!


Thank you. Request is Closed.


Add me lvl 30 trainer 4527 0867 9573