Share Pokémon GO Codes & Add Friends (Official Megathread)



Hey Kunjal i am also from India, my trainer code is 2758 9666 3263!


Happy to send gifts!! Add me!!

5953 7952 5844


I send gifts everyday 4487 1384 4672


From USA

2856 9839 4507


I play everyday in usa an could use some new buddies, my trainer code is 7917 3651 3201 an i gift everyday




Happy to send gifts to all!!! Add me!!

5430 7051 1473


Europe 4690 5957 2611


Add my friend she plays everyday an gifts every day like me an if you scroll up a few you’ll find my code as well


3410 2044 0934
Boston, USA, also looking for international friends. I play often and send gifts


Noida, India, also looking for international friends. I play often and send gifts


From Colorado, newer player
8569 5654 4121


Add me ! 8698 3912 5609



I play very often and send gifts whenever I can. Someone please trade me a Riolu :sweat_smile:

UPDATE: you may want to reconsider sending me a request if you’re reading this because I have very little gifts to give ATM… sorry about that


Let’s be friends in Pokémon GO! My Trainer Code is 0947 3435 7496!


9043 7495 1636 (netherlands)

can use a bunch of new friends for xp.

Will send and will open. Due to mass amount of friends will do so every few days to rotate and give everyone a go. If by any chance you’d think i don’t send it’ll be because of the many friends, I will send soon then.
Prefer friends who don’t care about double xp since i do :smile:

(i usually send my gifts rotating by name a-z one day, name z-a other day, friendship level low-high and friendshiplevel high low. I also open just before reset and might not have enough gifts remaining to resend immediatly. Again, will send, just might take time to rotate to be fair)


7650 2366 5396 add my friend she is having a hard time finding pokefriends an she plays everyday an gifts every day


my phone was stolen and i cant play Pokemon go unless im on wifi since my phone doesn’t have data ATM im not able to go spin stops to get everything i need to keep playing like balls for and example i need friends that will send me gifts so i can keep playing and i will send gifts back to u as i acquire them my code is 604729485752


Please add me!